Modeling Local Water Reliance in Los Angeles

Image Created by Erik Porse

We developed a model (Artes) to support systems analysis the Los Angeles County water management network, including water supply, stormwater, water treatment and reuse, and governance, which tested the opportunities for local water supplies in metropolitan LA. Currently, across LA County, imported water supplies more than 50% of total water use. We collected data on the groundwater, water supply, stormwater, and recycled water systems to develop an integrated model of water management in LA. Through the research, we examined the potential for current and future systems to become locally reliant, the role of groundwater exchange pools to improve reliability, the use of open-data and modeling, and the economic implications of local water supplies. To communicate results, we also developed the LA Water Hub, which describes the analysis and maps operational data for water supply management across LA County and its water agencies.

Erik Porse
Erik Porse
Director, California Institute for Water Resources and Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist

Interdisciplinary reseacher with expertise in engineering, environmental science, policy, and systems analysis.